Teambuilding Event Unifeeder

With 390 international participants in 24 teams on the way to a new corporate strategy

Customer: Unifeeder
Occasion: Teambuilding
Location: Hamburg (City + Curio House)
Target Group: All staff members from European branches
Task: The customer’s new corporate strategy is to be made perceivable for and to be internalized by all staff members.

Realisation: Unifeeder’s new corporate culture is staged by k&k as leading agency. All staff members from every branch Europe-wide are invited – 390 participants come to Hamburg. The day’s event begins with a concept rally. As service provider in the feeder business, the teams are encouraged to accept logistical challenges and to collect „containers“. On the premises of the HHLA, quite close to the edge of the Athabasca quay, all collected component parts are assembled to form the symbol of the new strategy – the “W1N House”. Thanks to a logistical spot-on feat by k&k, exactly this house stands ready for the evening gala in the Curiohaus. To reach the media animation produced by k&k, Unifeeder’s CEO steps onto the stage through the heavily symbolic door of the W1N House. For the also invited partners of staff members, a special Hamburg-programme with an exclusive guided tour through Beatlemania was developed. We thank Conni Behn Events for their superb cooperation! | more | less