Hamburg Messe and Congress GmbH

Official opening ceremony of the SMM (lead fair of the shipbuilding industry) feat. Gmec in the CCH

Customer: Hamburg Messe and Congress GmbH
Occasion: Official opening of the SMM feat. Gmec
Location: Congress Center, Hamburg
Target Group: Representatives from the shipbuilding industry, ladies and gentlemen from business and politics
Task: Concept and production of the opening ceremony of the fair

Realisation: The stage-managing of the official opening of the SMM feat. Gmec poses a new challenge for k&k. Every two years, the lead fair of the shipbuilding industry lures several thousand guests from around the world to Hamburg.
The industrial and maritime character of the event is picked up by k&k and implemented in an artistic and decorative realisation. Vanessa Banaschewski leads through the evening with 750 international guests. K&k takes care of a successful run of the event starting with well-known speakers, such as, e.g., Bernd Aufderheide (Manager of the Hamburg Messe GmbH) and Hans-Joachim Otto (Federal Minister for Economy and Technology), and as absolute highlight, especially geared to the SMM, k&k stages a media production with a percussion show providing the background. A successful prelude stage-managed by k&k. | more | less