Supporting programme for 2 successive events with approx. 1,900 guests each

Customer: MEGA e.G.
Occasion: 2 gala events / MEGA Party 2011
Location: Fischauktionshalle, Hamburg
Target Group: Members and customers of the cooperative
Task: Concept, planning and realisation of the supporting programme on 2 days

Realisation: On the occasion of the MEGA fair, k&k as partner of the Fish Auction Hall, creates a colourful supporting programme for two big events of the Malereinkaufsgenossenschaft e.G.. Huge tube men on stilts dressed in costumes in the MEGA colours pink and blue bring out a smile on the faces even at the entrance. A saxophone quintet thrills the guests with rousing movements and the “all-round”-artists Ruth Zimmer and Sir Julian provide entertainment with close up magic, fascinating fire games and phantastic juggling. A specially created freestyle show, during which professional dirt jumpers perform action-filled jumps across ramps and Flatlanders present cool break dance moves on their bikes on stage, looks after successful diversion. The pyroshow is the absolute highlight. Flame fountains run along the galleries through the entire fish auction hall and, during the last song of the band “Purple Rain”, a big lights picture ignites which displays the four letters “MEGA”. At the same time, the hall sinks into a sea of paper streamers. | more | less