Staff Event HSH Nordbank AG

One day and nightlong joint experience for 2.500 staff members

Customer: HSH Nordbank AG
Occasion: Staff Event
Location: Stockseehof Estate, Schleswig-Holstein
Target Group: 2.500 staff members and their famalies
Tast: k&k is responsible for the concept, show production, technical realisation, preparation of the artistic programmes, decoration and the location design of the event.

Realisation: After the merger of the Hamburg state bank with the state bank Kiel, it is necessary to merge the corporate culture of both banks lastingly. In the course of this, the HSH Nordbank AG invites all its staff members and their partners to the Stockseehof estate for one day and one night. In partnership with the Jens Sacklies Events Service, k&k creates an atmosphere for encounters and joint experiences. The setting for THAT joint staff experience has shown stages with a total of 65 artists, decorative design and installations, backdrop construction, club and light lounge, illumination of the park, fireworks and a laser show. | more | less