Product Staging Grundfos GmbH

Staging of product with integrated marketing conference for a new “collective spirit” in sales and distribution

Customer: Grundfos GmbH
Occasion: Sales Conference / Kick Off
Location: Frankfurt on the Main / Groß-Zimmern
Target Group: Sales Staff, Building Services Engineering / Marketing
Task: Concept and execution of the product staging and evening events

Realisation: As part of the Grundfos Sales conference in Frankfurt, k&k integrates a part of the conference into an exceptional product staging in the FAHRWERK Groß-Zimmern. A new generation of products arrives and is introduced to sales division of building services engineering. In the forefront are the passing of information and the joint experience.
The new product is presented close enough to touch to 140 sales staff. The presentation of means of communication and goals is transferred to another staged framework. The evening stands for communicating information and a common experience in a lively atmosphere. The joint experiences lead to a new – group dynamical – feeling among the entire sales team. k&k is responsible for the overall concept and execution of the second part of the conference as well as for the staging of the products and the evening event that follows.
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