Grundfos GmbH

k&k is the lead agency at a branch meeting at the Akademie der Künste at the Pariser Platz

Customer: Grundfos GmbH
Occasion: Agency meeting on the subject of energy efficiency
Location: Akademie der Künste, Berlin
Target Group: Representatives from industry, politics and specialist journalists
Task: Providing full service for the branch meeting at the location

Realisation: Within the framework of their climate initiative “Meet the energy challenge NOW”, the Grundfos GmbH invites to the branch meeting on energy efficiency “Quo vadis energy efficiency?” at the academy of arts at the Pariser Platz, Berlin. Representatives from industry and politics establish contact and, in this, are accompanied by specialist journalists. The aim is to initiate a dialog how business and politics can advance energy efficiency in Germany and worldwide. k&k is the lead agency. A successful evening all round for participants and customers alike.
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