k&k offers the spectrum and perspective of a specialist for live communication. In discussions with our customers, we develop a complete package or, as required, complement internally available capacities.

Counselling and Strategy

  • analysis of communicative goals
  • analysis of target groups
  • development of long-term strategies to achieve those goals
  • integration into company processes
  • definition of contents and emphases
  • weighing of chances and risks
  • counselling with innovations and creative processes

Creation and Concept

  • development of ideas on the basis of strategic approaches
  • preparation of first sketches of ideas/visualisation
  • principle of dialogue: regular coordination with the client to maximize ideas and focus on the central message
  • research services
  • planning of resources required
  • communications concept
  • design of dramaturgy
  • drawing up of detailed concept


  • planning and management of event
  • drawing up of the project plan
  • constant checking of all processes within the project
  • optimization and control of costs
  • promotional measures and PR
  • steering of all processes and work
  • production management and on-site direction
  • wrap-up, documentation, follow-up
  • performance review